Chart Audits

Medical chart audits represent the review of the medical records to see what has been done previously and how it can possibly be done more thoroughly in the future. A chart audits can be conducted on any aspect of medical care and administrative work concerning medical practices.

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Why Perform Reviews

There are many reasons medical practitioners should perform these reviews such as to conduct the required measurements, fulfill administrative requirements or do some medical research.

The chart audit should be planned and the plan should include the following items: the topic of the chart audit, the broadness of the topic, whether there is a measure for that specific topic and could it be found in the medical records etc.

Medical chart audits are a useful tool for the improvement of the quality and safety of your medical practice. Before you begin, you have to define precisely what is that you would like to review and why. You also have to define criteria by which you will conduct this type of research.

Since this work is time consumed and yet important, many doctors hire specialized companies that deal with chart audits besides billing, negotiating, etc.

How Can Our Service Help You

Our company is dedicated to providing you with best services regarding medical audit chart. The main area of our expertise includes conducting the medical audit chart that you can use in the process of quality improvement.

We can help you with the following steps in conducting an audit chart:

  • Selection of the topic
  • Identification of measures
  • Identification of the population of patients
  • Determination of the size of the sample
  • Creation of the audit tools
  • Collection of data
  • Summary of the results
  • Analysis and application of results

Why Choose Midwest Revenue Cycle Management?

The medical management experts employed by our company have a huge experience in medical chart audits regardless of the complexity of the topic.

Our medical experts will determine the topic, check if there are measures for that topic in the medical records; collect data, make an analysis and the summary of your medical audit chart.

After that, you can use all that important information to improve the quality of your medical practice.

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