Practice Analysis

Medical Practice Analyses concentrates on analyzing and standing out the crucial operational and financial aspects of a medical practice. In short, a medical practice analysis includes an array of services that are intended for the identification of risks and possibilities.

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Most Important Steps

The most important steps of the medical practice analyses include the analysis of billing and collection and the analysis of provider performances. Profitable revenue schedule is of most importance in today`s competitive medical market.

Procedural coding and E/M analysis are also very significant when it comes to analyses of the specific medical practice. Procedure codes are used to evaluate the potential risk, charge for the services and analyze quality improvement measures.

In addition to the listed items analyzed regarding medical practice, there is a one that represents the key to profitable healthcare and that is the cost accounting. For a medical practice to grow, the understanding of the cost accounting is mandatory. For example, knowing which procedures cost more than it will be charged for them can be a key point in anticipating whether the medical practice will grow or not.

How Can Our Service Help You

Our financial experts in the field of the medical practice analytics will be your partners in completing the following tasks regarding the analysis of your medical practice:

  • Analysis of how accurate is your coding
  • Report on how productive you are
  • Report on your billing and collection ratio
  • Report on your account recovery
  • Report on the modifiers to the procedure codes
  • Report on your financial structure or cost accounting
  • Analysis of E/M codes

Why Choose Midwest Revenue Cycle Management?

Our company and its founder are more than 20 years in the business of medical management and revenue cycle m. management. So far, we had helped numerous medical practices regardless of the size to perform their medical practice analyses.

We are well acquainted with all the needed steps and reports that make the medical practice analyses and we will be glad to help you in enhancing both your practice performances and revenues.

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