Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management represents the financial process that eases the management of organizational and medical functions in relation to insurance claims, payment process, and revenues.

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What Does It Include?

The process of revenue cycle management includes the identification, management, and collection of incomes in healthcare practices. The process itself includes the entire cycle of the medical service, from the patient`s check-in and appointment to the physician to the payment of the medical service.

From the point of view of the entire medical practice no matter how big it is, revenue cycle management is as important as the quality of the medical care. No matter how efficient is a medical care, if there is no well-organized system of coding and billing, the medical practitioner will soon have to close his practice if he does not provide financial stability to his practice.

There are many benefits of the revenue cycle management (RCM) such as monitoring financial processes, recordings of the patients and billings, filing and processing claims, collecting payments and analyzing the revenue increase. Revenue cycle management is the best solution medical practices, healthcare providers, and hospitals.
How Can Our Service Help You

Outsourcing revenue cycle management to medical management professionals will help you to increase your efficiency and thus your revenues. Our company will provide you with the following services concerning this issue:

  • Optimization of coding
  • Creation of mistake-free documentation
  • Management of denied and rejected claims
  • Accurate submission of claims and codes
  • Management of credentialing
  • Medical Consulting
  • (DME) Durable Medical Equipment Billing
  • Return on investment analysis
  • Billing and collections
  • Practice management solution
  • Contract negotiations
  • Process improvement solutions
  • AR recovery projects
  • Chart audits

Why Choose Midwest Revenue Cycle Management?

Medical revenue cycle management is a very complex field that requires a lot of time, knowledge and expertise. Our company has been dealing with revenue cycle management for more than 20 years. We had helped numerous medical practices to sustain and improve their level of medical care and revenues.

We would like to be your partners in the noble cause of providing medical care for people. Once you give the heavy burden of revenue cycle management to our experts, your medical practice will thrive.

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