Medical Billing and Collections

Medical billing is a process started by a medical provider in which he submits claims with a health insurance company in order to charge for his services such as diagnosis and treatment. The entirety of process includes different steps that take place mainly between the healthcare provider and the payer (the insurance company).

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When Does the Process Start

In relation to patients, the medical billing process begins the moment they schedule an examination at the doctor`s office and ends once the medical provider has received all reimbursement for services, either by payer or patient.

In practice, there are a few steps that make the medical billing process successful. They are the following:

  • Patient registration. At the time patient arrives, medical staff should take his personal and insurance data.
  • Insurance eligibility and verification. The best practice is that even regular patients are checked every time since the insurance data can change anytime.
  • Coding of diagnosis and treatment procedures. The medical provider should always be careful and punctual in these matters.
  • Charge entry. It presents the record of the charges for the services that were given to the patient.
  • Submission of the claims. After the claims are completed, they are submitted to the insurance company.
  • Payment to the medical provider. If all goes as it should, the medical provider should receive the payment.

How Can Our Service Help You

Our medical billing experts will help you in every step of the medical billing process so you could deal with what really matters and what is your field of expertise and that is helping patients. Our services include:

  • Patient eligibility and insurance verification
  • Coding diagnosis and procedure treatments
  • Charge entry
  • Submission of the completed claims
  • Payment posting
  • Account receivables control
  • Management of denied and partially paid claims

Why Choose Midwest Revenue Cycle Management?

Outsourcing of medical billing and collection has become nowadays the only way you can sustain and enhance your medical practice.

Our company is made up of experienced experts in the field of the healthcare and medical billing and collection. Regardless of the size of your medical practice, we will provide you a complete and integrated solution concerning medical billing and collection.

Contact us if you want to rapidly and significantly decrease the number of denials and rejections.

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