Midwest Revenue Cycle Management has something incredibly exciting to announce! We are offering clients a FREE accounts receivable assessment! That’s right you, you read this correctly. We are giving our clients a FREE accounts receivable assessment.

As you know the medical billing and collection process has become one of the most critical things for today’s healthcare centers and medical practices. Medical billing and collection management has become quite complex. Many steps must occur in order for this management process to go as smoothly as possible so your claim can be adjudicated accurately the first time. That said, one of the many challenges that medical practitioners face is how to handle the accounts receivable or AR, and they cannot handle it on their own.

Ask for Free AR Assessment!

Therefore, in order to keep their practices sustained, many have to hire someone to handle their AR in order to stay on top of making sure that unpaid claims are taken care of and adjusted right away. After unpaid claims are taken care of and adjudicated by the government agencies insurance companies, the medical practice can continue without the stress from unpaid claims that have prevented medical services advancing in medical care centers.

That said, the way Midwest Revenue Cycle Management can help clients such as hospitals, clinics, and medical practices is being the solution to taking care of forgotten unpaid claims.
The way we do that is by:

  • sending medical documentation to the insurer to make sure that payment is expedited
  • always checking the claim statuses
  • keeping communication with the executives of the insurance companies to make sure that payment is accelerated
  • always being sure that the policy of the specific insurance company is reviewed
  • being sure to discuss balances with your patients in order to facilitate self-pay revenue
  • and we contact insurers to help the medical providers with complicated issues

There is no need to stress again about unpaid claims, and let Midwest Revenue Cycle Management take care of your AR needs- and we are going to be giving our clients a FREE accounts receivable assessment.